Energize Eastside Permit Documents

In late October 2017, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) submitted an application to Bellevue for permits to build Energize Eastside. PSE is proposing to apply for permits to construct the project in two phases. The links below are application documents for Bellevue Phase 1. The Bellevue Phase 2 application has not yet been submitted. There will also be permit applications submitted for Newcastle, unincorporated King County and Renton.

How do we get a better alternative for our energy future? The first step is to tell the City of Bellevue to reject the permit to build this project. PSE could then submit an application to use 21st-century technologies (like batteries) to provide reliable electricity to the Eastside.

Energize Eastside is not a done deal. PSE has only applied for permits for the south Bellevue segment. The company must apply for additional permits in north Bellevue, Newcastle, Redmond, and Renton. In each city, there will be opportunities for the public to comment and possible court challenges.

Below are links to the Permit Application documents submitted by PSE. CENSE is currently reviewing the 1700 pages of the application, and will keep you informed via our newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter now to keep up to date!

PSE Project Overview

Energize Eastside Fact Sheet

PSE Project Plans and Reports

These documents can also be found on the Bellevue city website at:

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