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EIS Comment Guide

This guide will help you create and submit comments on the Energize Eastside EIS.

Follow these simple steps to voice your concerns to the EIS committee and the public:

  1. Background: If you’re unfamiliar with the EIS process and would like an overview and links to detailed background information, see our EIS Page
  2. Pick a topic in the EIS you’re passionate about. For ideas, see our Top 10 List (video) and our topical writing guides.
  3. Write your comments.
    1. See our general Tips for commenting on the Energize Eastside EIS
    2. Use our topical writing guides for detailed help on specific topics
    3. If you don’t have time for a long detailed message, no worries! Even a sentence or two about your concerns will be influential.
  4. Send comments via the web, by email, U.S. Mail, or orally at a public comment meeting. Details Here.

Also consider…

  • Are you an expert in any area? If so, we would love to hear from you if you’d like to help with specific topics. More info here.
  • Donate or Volunteer for CENSE. We can use your help!


You should choose a topic or topics that you are most concerned and passionate about. You are allowed to submit as many comments as you want, so you can submit comments on one topic today, and another topic tomorrow.

For ideas, see CENSE’s Top 10 List of problems with the EIS.

Writing Guides

Here are some detailed writing guides on some of the most important topics. These include references you may use to support your comments:

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Tips for commenting on the Energize Eastside EIS

Deadline: comments must be submitted by July 6th, 2017.

Please note: In order to become a party of record, you must submit physical address along with your comment.

Suggested areas for comments:

  • Any inaccuracies in the Phase 2 Draft EIS
  • Areas of potential environmental impact that have not been identified
  • Adverse environmental impacts that have not been adequately analyzed
  • Possible mitigation measures that could or should be added to the proposal
  • The need for additional studies
  • Inadequacies/inaccuracies of existing studies
  • The merits of the alternatives and mitigation measures considered in the document


  • If submitting your comment in writing, type or handwrite legibly on 8 ½” x 11” paper
  • Whether submitting electronically or in writing, include your name, physical address and phone number (anonymous comments will not be considered part of the record)
  • If you are a CENSE member, please indicate so in your comments. This will allow your comments to be used as legal arguments in the event of future litigation. (If you’re not a CENSE member, consider signing up here: Membership and Donations)


  • Clearly identify the issue in the EIS that you are commenting on
  • Stick to topics that are within the scope of the EIS
  • Reference a specific section of the EIS where possible (page number, section, paragraph citation)
  • Try to make your comment about a single topic within the EIS; try to avoid commenting on multiple unrelated topics within one comment
  • Be specific about why you disagree with the statement in the EIS you are commenting on
  • If possible, use data to support your position; if no data, then what values support your position
  • If possible, suggest an alternative to the statement with which you disagree, especially if you can show that your alternative will meet the same objective
  • Reference any credentials and/or experience that pertain to your comment
  • Personalize your comments. Give examples of how the proposed project will impact you or your community adversely
  • You can submit comments as many times as you like up to the deadline

The above information is available as a printable PDF here: Tips for commenting on the Energize Eastside EIS

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How to Send Comments

Comments can be submitted using any of the methods below. You can submit as many times as you wish, each time using a different method.

In writing: Written comments may be submitted via any one of the 3 methods below. For your comments to be an official part of the legal record, you must include your name and home address. If you are a CENSE member, please indicate so in your comments. This will allow your comments to be used as legal arguments in the event of future litigation. (If you’re not a CENSE member, consider signing up here: Membership and Donations)
In person: you can voice your comments at the three public meetings listed below. This is the most effective delivery as it is in-person in a public forum with other community members listening and supporting. You can attend any or all three meetings, not just the one for your city. Bring a paper copy of your comments with your name and address to submit to the EIS committee at the meeting to insure it goes on the official record. The meetings include an Open House before the public comment hearing so you can learn more about the project, the EIS process, and ask questions.

Additional information can be found on the Energize Eastside EIS Website

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Experts Needed!

Do you have expertise in any of these areas?

  • Land Use
  • Property Values Assessment
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Seismic
  • Economics
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Construction Safety

… or any other areas pertinent to the EIS?

Please let us know if  you can help evaluate and/or submit comments on specific topics in the EIS.

Use our “Contact Us” form or this email link: Pre-Formatted EIS Expertise e-mail. If you use the contact form, please provide your name and email address. In the “subject” or “comments” field, let us know the topic you’d like to help with. You will be contacted by a CENSE volunteer soon.


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