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CENSE Legal Notebook

This is the notebook that CENSE compiled for the Public Hearing on Energize Eastside for the Bellevue south segment. More information is on our Hearing Information Page.

Click on a title to download that section, or click here to download the entire notebook in a 50 MB zip file.

1. Introduction to Notebook

1.0 Introduction

2. Notebook Summary Memorandum

2.0 Notebook Summary Memorandum – Rick Aramburu, Attorney

3. Description of Applicant: Puget Sound Energy

3.0 Description of Applicant / Puget Sound Energy – Jeanne DeMund, CENSE

4. Cost of Project

4.1 Lifetime Cost Analysis for Energize Eastside – Jeffrey King, Economist
4.2 Cost of Talbot Hill/Lakeside Transmission Line Project – Jeanne DeMund, CENSE

5. Rebuttal of Project Need

5.0 Introduction
5.1 Needs and Costs of Energize Eastside – Robert McCullough, Expert Witness
5.2 Load Flow Modeling for Energize Eastside + Appendix A – Richard Lauckhart, Roger Schiffman
5.3 Regional Origins of Energize Eastside – Don Marsh, CENSE
5.4 Eastside Customer Demand – Don Marsh, CENSE
5.5 Community Advisory Group (CAG) Dissenting Report
5.6 How PSE is Selling Energize Eastside – Jan Medley, Russell Borgman – CENSE

6. 21st Century Alternatives

6.0 Introduction
6.1 Non-Wire Alternatives for Energize Eastside – Ken Nichols, EQL, Expert Witness
6.2 Supreme Court Decision on “Demand Response” Written by Justice Kagan – Jan Medley, CENSE
6.3 Bonneville Power Administration Decison to Cancel I-5 Corridor Project – Karen Esayian, CENSE
6.4 ColumbiaGrid and Seattle City Light Connection – Karen Esayian, CENSE

7. Environmental Impacts

7.0 Impacts to Tree Canopy – Karen Esayian, CENSE

8. Visual and Aesthetic Impacts

8.0 Introduction
8.1 Scenic Impact Analysis Review of Eastside Transmisison Project – Dean Apostol, Expert Witness
8.2 Appendix: Photos Depicting Scenic Issues
8.3 Impact on Scenic & Aesthetic Views – Analysis Beyond PSE Study Area – Karen Esayian, Deron Ferguson, CENSE

9. Zoning and Land Use Impacts

9.0 Introduction
9.1 Regulations Related to Transmission Lines – Karen Esayian, Deron Ferguson, CENSE
9.2 Project Impacts on Residential Parcels – Karen Esayian, Deron Ferguson, CENSE
9.3 Project Impacts on Public Right of Ways – Karen Esayian, Deron Ferguson, CENSE

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