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CENSE Mission Statement

CENSE is an all-volunteer, donor-funded organization pursuing an energy future for the Eastside that is safe, reliable, cost effective, socially just, and environmentally responsible. We believe this can be achieved using best industry practices, proven technology, and smart policies. CENSE represents residents and businesses in a planning process that is vulnerable to the influence of big money and political influence by Puget Sound Energy, a weakly regulated monopoly owned by foreign investors.

  • CENSE was established in 2014 by members of several Eastside neighborhoods to oppose Energize Eastside. We view PSE’s proposed project as a solution to a problem that does not exist, using outdated technology that would scar our Eastside community.
  • CENSE supports grid-modernization technologies to strengthen our energy grid, reduce power outages and provide economical alternatives to higher voltage power lines.
  • CENSE values the quality of life we enjoy in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. We value our tree canopy and have seen the ugly scars and reduced values associated with projects like the Interurban transmission line.
  • CENSE supports the health and safety of our Eastside community. Energize Eastside increases electrical voltage near an aging jet fuel pipeline that passes close to schools, churches and neighborhoods. The Bellingham explosion in 1999 illustrates the unacceptable risk of construction close to these pipelines when there are better and cheaper alternatives.
  • CENSE supports the health of our planet. We support investments in clean energy sources, batteries, and smart technology to reduce our carbon footprint. We must move away from fossil fuels and peaker plants that emit greenhouse gases and accelerate climate change.
  • CENSE opposes Energize Eastside as an immediate threat to our Eastside neighborhoods. Our overarching mission remains to promote safe, sensible, and sustainable energy solutions in contrast to PSE, which prioritizes projects that maximize profits for its foreign owners.

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