The Newcastle Public Hearing on Energize Eastside has Concluded.
Thank you for your participation!

The Energize Eastside public hearing concluded on February 1, 2022, wrapping up 5 days of testimony from the public, CENSE’s attorney and expert witnesses, Larry Johnson, the City of Newcastle, and PSE. The Newcastle Hearing Examiner is expected to issue a decision by April 29, 2022.

The City of Newcastle hosted a multi-day public hearing in January to decide whether to permit the Newcastle segment of the Energize Eastside Project. This hearing is our best opportunity to stop this destructive and unneeded project.

Hearing Schedule

The hearing took place on Zoom. CENSE and other legal parties presented their cases beginning on January 11. Public testimony followed, beginning on January 28.

  • January 11, Tuesday, 9:00 AM (completed)
    • Presentation by City of Newcastle staff, PSE, and witnesses. Watch the video (10 hours)
  • January 14, Friday, 9:00 AM (completed)
    • Presentations by CENSE, Larry Johnson and witnesses. To be continued on January 28. Watch the video (8 hours)
  • January 28, Friday, 9:00 AM:
    • 1) Continue unfinished January 14 business: remaining witnesses from CENSE and Mr. Larry Johnson (approx 2 hrs)
    • 2) Public testimony, three minutes per person.
      Two sessions:
      • Morning/Afternoon Session: Begins after #1 completes, as early as 10 AM but maybe as late as noon. Start checking in around 10 AM so you can raise your hand early. This public testimony session continues until all have spoken or 5 PM, whichever occurs first. Note: Even if this session ends early, the evening session will still take place.
      • Evening Session: Begins at 6:00 PM and continues until all have spoken or 9 PM, whichever occurs first.
    • Zoom meeting link – Meeting ID: 850 8593 9558 – Passcode: 893824
  • January 31, Monday, 9:00 AM
    • Public testimony, three minutes per person, starting at 9:00 AM and continuing until all have spoken. Followed by final comments by the City of Newcastle and Puget Sound Energy
    • Zoom meeting link  – Meeting ID: 835 1547 6240 – Passcode: 388552
  • February 1, Tuesday, 9:00 AM: Optional meeting day held in reserve to accommodate any unfinished business
image: current transmission line
Today: Existing power lines and poles in Newcastle.
image: proposed transmission line
The future? Taller poles and higher-voltage power lines proposed by PSE’s Energize Eastside project.

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