CENSE challenges PSE and City’s Decision

Bellevue permit approval inspires strong response

The CENSE Executive Board has authorized a vigorous, multi-track response to the Bellevue City Council’s approval of a Land Use Permit for construction of PSE’s Energize Eastside project.

First, CENSE will appeal Bellevue’s decision in King County Superior Court. We believe there are significant and substantive legal issues that were not adequately addressed by the City Council.

Second, CENSE will present compelling new evidence at public hearings in Newcastle and Renton next year. We will show feasible, detailed alternatives that meet the Eastside’s need and reduce ratepayer costs, reduce safety risks, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We will demonstrate why smaller is better.

Third, CENSE continues to press regulators to compel PSE to answer tough questions about Energize Eastside and release data showing the Eastside’s actual energy needs. PSE has violated Washington state regulations by canceling every opportunity for technical experts to review the project. This is the minimum level of transparency required to ensure that ratepayers are not being overcharged to benefit foreign owners.

CENSE is a group of Eastside neighborhood volunteers seeking a better energy future for our communities and PSE ratepayers. To pursue this legal challenge, we need your financial support. Please help by donating at cense.org/donate.

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