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10-year agreement is our best chance

On the last Wednesday of July, as temperatures soared to 90 degrees, many south Bellevue neighborhoods lost power for several hours. This outage would not have been prevented by Energize Eastside or any other power line PSE has proposed.

However, PSE has technology that dramatically reduces the length of most power outages. It is known as a “self-healing grid” and has been installed in 22 neighborhoods within PSE’s service area.

In September, the Bellevue City Council will consider approval of the city’s 10-year Franchise Agreement with PSE.

CENSE has created a petition asking the City of Bellevue to revise the terms of service as follows:

  1. PSE must provide clear annual reports, comprehensible by the public, showing reliability in each neighborhood and trends over multiple years.
  2. PSE must commit to improving reliability in neighborhoods with the longest outages. “Self-healing grid” technology is a proven way to do that.

A stronger Franchise agreement would become a model for other cities in the PSE service area. Every neighborhood will benefit from better reporting and clear commitments to fix the worst reliability problems.

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August 21st, 2018|