Hearing Examiner issues ruling on 3.2 mile South Bellevue segment of Energize Eastside

The fight is not over!

Bellevue Hearing Examiner Gary McLean approved PSE’s Conditional Land Use Permit Application for the South Bellevue segment of Energize Eastside on June 25, 2019.

Hearing Examiner Decision Documents

CENSE is disappointed, but not surprised, by this ruling. Be assured the fight over the South Bellevue Segment is not over yet.

CENSE’s attorney, Rick Aramburu, is preparing an appeal to the Bellevue City Council to be filed by the July 9th deadline. The City Council will hear our appeal and make a ruling. Because the legal record is closed, no new evidence, information or witnesses are allowed. The public may observe, but only the Applicant (PSE), Appellant (CENSE, CSEE), City Department Director, or their legal representatives will participate. Notice of the Hearing will be made no less than 14 days prior to the hearing date.

Bellevue is not the only city that must approve permits for Energize Eastside. PSE must also obtain permits in Newcastle, Renton, and Redmond. Hearings will be conducted in these cities as well.

CENSE will continue to oppose PSE’s plan to build a transmission line that is dangerous, destructive, and not needed. We appreciate your ongoing support. Thank you!

Hearing Examiner Decision Documents

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