Lake Hills study update

PSE responds to CENSE complaint

This is a special edition of the CENSE newsletter to update donors about the status of our Lake Hills Transmission Line study for a better reliability solution.

As you may have heard, CENSE engaged a consultant from South Dakota to study a solution based on automated switches and sensors. Several experts have told us that such a solution could provide better reliability without destroying trees or installing tall poles on 148th Ave. and NE 8th St. It might even cost customers less.

Unfortunately, PSE has refused to provide circuit data that would allow our consultant to proceed with the study. CENSE filed a complaint with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, the agency that regulates PSE. The Commission turned our informal complaint into a formal inquiry and gave PSE three weeks to respond.

On Monday, PSE replied that the timing of our complaint is not in order, that we do not have standing to file such a complaint, and that PSE cannot be compelled to share confidential information.

The Commission may not like that answer. While we wait to hear how they will respond, we received notice from the Attorney General that the Office of Public Counsel will not be participating in the complaint process. It would have been great if the Public Counsel had decided to stand with citizens in this case, but we don’t expect to win every battle.

The complaint is likely to move forward quickly, since PSE wants to start construction of the new line next year. We will keep you posted on further developments.

We are no longer making a public appeal for donations to fund the study, but we are about $6,000 short of our goal. If you know anyone who might like to contribute, please let them know of our need.

Don Marsh, President

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November 23rd, 2017|