Our Last Chance to Save 300 Trees

Please sign our petition to save 300 trees from an unnecessary PSE project.

A decision by the Washington State Supreme court yesterday clears the way for PSE to remove 300 trees and install a new 115,000-volt transmission line on 148th Ave. Reliability records published by PSE show that this line would have prevented only one 15-minute power outage in the last 10 years.

CENSE asks PSE to install a modern system of automated switches and remote monitoring for Lake Hills similar to the one it recently installed in downtown Bellevue. Such a system would deliver even better reliability than a new transmission line. It would also be cheaper and less destructive. This is a feasible solution according to at least two engineers who worked for PSE for over 20 years.

To improve electrical reliability and preserve the beauty of our city for future generations, please sign our petition.

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June 2nd, 2017|