City meeting on Energize Eastside permit process

PSE recently applied for permits in Bellevue to build Energize Eastside. As required by law, PSE is holding a public meeting for “interested parties” next Tuesday evening, Nov 14th 2017. Please attend this meeting to learn how this proposed, but not yet permitted, transmission line will impact our neighborhoods.

How do we get a better alternative for our energy future? The first step is to tell the City of Bellevue to reject the permit to build this project. PSE could then submit an application to use 21st-century technologies (like batteries) to provide reliable electricity to the Eastside.

Energize Eastside is not a done deal. PSE has only applied for permits for the south Bellevue segment. The company must apply for additional permits in north Bellevue, Newcastle, Redmond, and Renton. In each city, there will be opportunities for the public to comment and possible court challenges.

Step 1: Come to the meeting

At the meeting, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to PSE and Bellevue City personnel. Come prepared with questions about how the project will impact the safety and aesthetics of your home and neighborhood.

Step 2: Help spread the word

Forward this information to your friends and neighbors and use social media to spread the word. Due to inadequate notification by the City, your neighbors may not be aware of it.

Step 3: Donate!

Donate to CENSE so we can continue to fight on your behalf for better solutions. CENSE needs to raise $150,000 to pay for expert witnesses and legal representation. This is an investment to preserve your property value and our environment.

Step 4: Educate yourself

More information and links to PSE’s Permit Application documents are available from CENSE:

CENSE is currently reviewing the 1700 page Permit Application, and will keep you informed via our newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter now to keep up to date!

Meeting and Process Details

From the City of Bellevue

The purpose of the meeting is to outline the permit process and have Puget Sound Energy, the applicant, describe the proposed project to interested parties.

Property owners adjacent to the corridor and properties within 500 feet of the corridor were provided notice of the application and the public meeting.  The meeting will be similar to other public meetings for permit applications in that the primary purpose is for the applicant (PSE) to provide an overview of their project.

The general agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome, Description of Meeting Objective and Basic Meeting Guidelines
  • Staff Presentation on the Permit Process
  • PSE project presentation
  • General Comment
  • Open House

Heidi Bedwell (city staff application reviewer) will outline the permitting process, opportunities for public comment and engagement, and tips on how to provide effective timely comments. PSE will provide a brief presentation highlighting the project details. Then there will be time allotted for meeting attendees to provide comments. Finally, there will be an Open House period. Here the public will have an opportunity to speak directly with PSE and Bellevue city staff and ask questions about the process and how the project may affect their property.

Unlike the EIS meetings, the primary purpose of this meeting is not to take public comment. However oral and written comments will be taken. For comments to be entered into the record, they must be submitted in writing and include name and address. Comment forms will be provided at the meeting. Public comments will be accepted for a period of time after the meeting, up until staff prepares their recommendation to the hearing examiner. After the staff recommendations, the public can also participate in the public hearing itself. The public hearing will not occur until after the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) is released in early 2018

This first public meeting in the permitting process is meant as an introduction to the project details and process. Another public meeting will be held prior to the hearing examiner’s public hearing. This will be an opportunity for the public to understand the progression of the proposal, and learn if there are any changes either made by PSE or requested by the city. Property owners who may not want or be able to attend a public meeting may also meet directly with Heidi to ask questions to their property or neighborhood.

Additional information from the city of Bellevue:

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