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Your voice matters and can make a critical difference in the outcome of this project. CENSE encourages you to email the key stakeholders in this project. The Bellevue City Council is the lead agency and has been granted the most authority in this process. Currently the city of Newcastle is the most critical govenment to contact, as they are considering the south segment permit application.

Bellevue – Key city staff

Brad Miyake Bellevue City Manager bmiyake@bellevuewa.gov
Carol Helland Bellevue Land Use Director chelland@bellevuewa.gov
Mike Brennan Bellevue City Planner mbrennan@bellevuewa.gov
Heidi Bedwell Bellevue Environmental Review HBedwell@bellevuewa.gov
Nicholas Matz Development – Sr. Planner nmatz@bellevuewa.gov

Bellevue – Mayor + Council **LEAD AGENCY, HAS DECIDING VOTE

John Chelminiak Bellevue Mayor, Councilmember 3 jchelminiak@bellevuewa.gov
Lynne Robinson Bellevue Deputy Mayor, Councilmember 6 lrobinson@bellevuewa.gov
John Stokes Bellevue City Councilmember 1 jstokes@bellevuewa.gov
Conrad Lee Bellevue City Councilmember 2 clee@bellevuewa.gov
Jennifer Robertson Bellevue City Councilmember 7 j.robertson@bellevuewa.gov
Jared Nieuwenhuis Bellevue City Councilmember 4 jnieuwenhuis@bellevuewa.gov
Janice Zahn Bellevue City Councilmember 5 jzahn@bellevuewa.gov

Newcastle Mayor + City Council

Linda Newing Mayor lindan@newcastlewa.gov
Tom Magers Deputy Mayor, Council Member 7 tomm@newcastlewa.gov
Ariana Sherlock Council Member 2 arianas@newcastlewa.gov
Tom Griffin Council Member 3 tomjg@newcastlewa.gov
Tony Ventrella Council Member 4 tonyv@newcastlewa.gov
Dave Mitchell Council Member 5 davem@newcastlewa.gov
Tamra Kammin Council Member 6 tamrak@newcastlewa.gov

Renton Mayor + City Council

Denis Law Mayor email form
Randy Corman Councilmember rcorman@rentonwa.gov
Armondo Pavone Councilmember apavone@rentonwa.gov
Don Persson Councilmember dpersson@rentonwa.gov
Ruth Pérez Councilmember rperez@rentonwa.gov
Ed Prince Council President eprince@rentonwa.gov
Ryan McIrvin Councilmember rmcirvin@rentonwa.gov
Carol Ann Witschi Councilmember cwitschi@rentonwa.gov

Redmond Mayor + City Council

John Marchione Mayor mayor@redmond.gov
Jeralee Anderson, Angela Birney, David Carson, Steve Fields, Hank Margeson, Hank Myers, Tanika Padhye City Council council@redmond.gov

King County Board

Dow Constantine King County Executive kcexec@kingcounty.gov

Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission (WUTC)

David Danner Chair of the WUTC ddanner@utc.wa.gov
Danny Kermode WUTC, Sr. Policy Advisor dkermode@utc.wa.gov
Ann Rendahl WUTC Commissioner arendahl@utc.wa.gov
Steven Johnson WUTC, Sr. Policy Advisor sjohnson@utc.wa.gov
Philip Jones WUTC, Commissioner pjones@utc.wa.gov
Mark Vasconi WUTC, Directory Regulatory mvasconi@utc.wa.gov
Juliana Williams WUTC jwilliam@utc.wa.gov
Roger Kouchi WUTC Complaint Division rkouchi@utc.wa.gov

WA Attorney General’s Office

Simon ffitch WA State Attorney General’s Office simon@atg.wa.gov

State Legislative Personnel

William Parmer Rep. Senn Staff Aide/Scheduler william.parmer@leg.wa.gov
Kim O’Farrell WA State Rep. Jeff Morris Aide kim.o’farrell@leg.wa.gov
Kyle Burleigh Sen. Litzow’s Legislative Asst. kyle.burleigh@leg.wa.gov
David Postman Gov. Inslee’s Office david.postman@gov.wa.gov
Stephen Uy Gov. Inslee’s Office stephen.uy@gov.wa.gov

Federal Representatives/Senators

Patrick Chiarelli Rep. Adam Smith Legislative Aide patrick.chiarelli@mail.house.gov
Nataly Morales Sen. Patty Murray’s Office nataly_morales@murray.senate.gov
Tommy Bauer Sen. Maria Cantwell’s office Tommy_Bauer@cantwell.senate.gov

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