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If you want to dig into details, here are some of the most important documents that relate to Energize Eastside and CENSE criticism of the project.

Title Description
CENSE Overview A brief overview of Energize Eastside and CENSE’s efforts. 4 page PDF (3.5MB)
Lauckhart-Schiffman Load Flow Study Is Energize Eastside necessary? Respected industry experts Rich Lauckhart and Roger Schiffman ran computer simulations to find out. Their conclusion: PSE is using an impossible situation to try to scare residents into funding a billion-dollar project.
Energize Eastside Economic Analysis How much will Energize Eastside really cost? Finance expert Jeffrey King ran models that predict a lifetime cost of $1.4 – $2.0 billion.
Energize Eastside Cost-Effectiveness This report produced by CENSE shows why PSE’s proposal is the least cost-effective of the possible alternatives.
The Best Alternative Industry consultant EQL Energy considers EIS Alternative 2. Short answer: Alternative 2 is the best solution for the Eastside’s energy future, but it is incompletely described and analyzed in the EIS, and PSE has stacked the deck in favor of transmission lines.
Presentation by Rich Lauckhart, former vice president of transmission planning for Puget Power

Rich Lauckhart’s slides from his presentation in Bellevue on Feb. 19, 2016.

Watch the video of Rich Lauckhart’s presentation here:
Is “ENERGIZE EASTSIDE” Needed? (video, 49 minutes)

Northwest Power Plan The final version of the Seventh Power Plan from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council will be released in late February. This link goes to the draft version, which includes many statements about consumption trends and future growth that are at odds with PSE. Is the Eastside truly an anomaly, or is PSE putting its business interests ahead of its customers?

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