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About PSE’s Energize Eastside

“Energize Eastside” is Puget Sound Energy’s name for a proposed 230,000-volt, 18-mile transmission line through 29 neighborhoods in Redmond, Bellevue, Newcastle, and Renton. It will pass through or very near 9 Schools and daycare centers, 9 churches, 13 parks and public spaces (see map for details).

After three years of research and findings by multiple industry experts, CENSE has concluded that Energize Eastside is a project with no purpose other than increasing revenues for PSE’s Australian and Canadian owners. Energize Eastside is not necessary to serve growth. Total electricity consumption has been declining for years, despite population growth, and PSE’s transmission line project will not improve electrical reliability by any practical measure.

Energize Eastside is NOT a done deal!

PSE has submitted applications for permits to build Energize Eastside, but none have yet been approved. Through an expensive marketing campaign and meetings with homeowners, PSE is trying to give the impression that Energize Eastside is underway and cant be stopped. That is not true. There are still several hurdles PSE must get through before they can cut down any trees. CENSE is committed to challenging PSE at every turn.

The Eastside wants reliable electricity. There are better solutions than larger poles and wires. To get a better solution, cities must deny PSE’s permits to build Energize Eastside. Legal challenges will be heard at city-sponsored administrative hearings in early 2018.

CENSE has retained expert witnesses and a well-respected land-use attorney to testify at the hearings. With your donations, CENSE will be able to present a strong legal case challenging Energize Eastside.

Why CENSE is challenging PSE’s Project

  1. PSE’s reasons for Energize Eastside are outdated. See PSE Fact Check below.
  2. Energize Eastside is unsafe and environmentally harmful. It would benefit PSE’s foreign investors more than Eastside customers.
  3. Utilities all over the world are using better solutions that improve reliability and reduce greenhouse gases.

Below, you’ll learn more about the many problems with Energize Eastside.

EE Map Image

Energize Eastside transmission line route

Fact Checking PSE’s Claims

PSE Lie Fact
"Safety is our top priority" Building a high-voltage transmission line so close to an aging petroleum pipeline is a safety risk. PSE and their contractors do not have great safety record. A construction accident could lead to a catastrophic fire, according to the Bellevue Fire Department. PSE claims: electrical use is growing on the Eastside.
"The need for this project has been firmly established several times by multiple independent experts." No independent expert has verified PSE’s questionable demand forecast. PSE refuses to share the details of a foundational study authored by a consultant who has no expertise with the Northwest grid.
"We need a grid that can handle the Eastside’s growing population" Although the Eastside is growing rapidly, electricity consumption is declining due to conservation and efficiency. What we really want is better reliability, especially during windstorms. See graph of population and energy consumption.
"A new transmission line is the only way to provide the Eastside with reliable electricity." There have been major advances in batteries and grid management technology which have been proven to offer less expensive and more flexible ways to meet occasional peaks in electrical demand.
"Energize Eastside will provide more reliable electricity." This transmission line will not prevent storm-related outages, the most common cause of power outages on the Eastside. In fact it will not improve reliability by any practical measure, according to PSE’s annual reliability report to the City of Bellevue.

Before and After simulations of poles near Forest Hill Park.

Steel monopoles will replace the wooden poles. They will be 20-30 feet taller than existing poles and larger in diameter.