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CENSE is the voice of the community for smart energy choices for the Eastside. We are volunteer-run and donor-funded, in our seventh year of meeting with city governments and the WUTC to challenge the need for Energize Eastside. Click to learn more…

Energize Eastside is PSE’s project to build a massive transmission line through Eastside neighborhoods. It has been promoted with a campaign of half-truths and scare tactics. Click to learn more…

Renewable energy coupled with 21st century smart grid and storage technologies would provide better cleaner and more reliable electricity at a lower cost than PSE’s transmission line. Click to learn more…


  1. Stop the unnecessary, unsafe, unwise “Energize Eastside” transmission line
  2. Advocate for clean, reliable, cost-effective energy for our region

Latest News

Oct 23, 2020
CENSE appeals Superior Court Decision
CENSE has appealed the King County Superior Court’s decision upholding Bellevue’s approval of PSE’s Energize Eastside project. More information here. (To see a graphic of the approval process, click here.)

Aug 3, 2020
CENSE files complaint with UTC regarding explosion & fire in transmission line/pipeline corridor
An explosion and fire occurred alarmingly close to the Olympic Pipeline in South Bellevue on July 20. The incident was caused by a discharge from PSE’s high-voltage transmission line into a tree that had grown too close to the power line. This is the same transmission line that would carry double the voltage if PSE builds Energize Eastside. Although no injuries occurred, CENSE and neighbors are concerned about the neglect that led to the event, as well as the inadequate response from PSE and Olympic. CENSE filed a complaint to the UTC on August 3rd asking for an investigation and preventative solutions. Read the letter to the UTC here.

May 14, 2020
CENSE prepares for upcoming hearings
We are continuing to prepare our legal challenges to Energize Eastside at two upcoming hearings: 1) the Newcastle public hearing, and 2) our challenge to the Bellevue decision in King County Superior Court. Details here.

May 9, 2020
Lake Hills/148th Transmission Line Update
PSE marches ahead, cutting down trees along 148th and 8th streets, despite pleas from the community and proposed alternatives from 300trees.org.
Read more here.

Feb 15, 2020
Renton Hearing Examiner approves Energize Eastside permits
His decision did not consider whether or not the line is needed, and did not address safety issues. CENSE will ask for reconsideration. Read more here.

Jan 30, 2020
PSE Rate Hike? Send your comments!
PSE is requesting a 6.9% rate increase for electricity and 7.9% for natural gas. Tell the WUTC what you think! We make it easy, just go to our comment writing page. It only takes a minute! 

Jan 9, 2020
Great turnout for the Renton Public Hearing
Thank you to all who came to the Renton Public Hearing on Energize Eastside on January 8! Read all about it here. 

Jan 8, 2020
Energize Eastside in Renton
This document analyzes Energize Eastside’s impact on Renton, as well as the benefits Renton will receive (spoiler alert: NONE!). Read it here. 

Dec 27, 2019
CENSE Appeals City approval of Energize Eastside permits
CENSE has appealed Bellevue’s decision to permits for Energize Eastside. Read more here.

Dec 4, 2019
CENSE Interviewed by Seattle Times and KUOW
CENSE President Don Marsh was interviewed by Seattle Times and KUOW Radio about the current status of permitting for Energize Eastside. The Seattle Times article was printed in the Dec 4th paper and the KUOW interview was broadcast on Dec 2nd. Listen and read here.

Nov 22, 2019
New CENSE Initiative in response to Permit Approval
We are launching a 3 pronged initiative in response to the Bellevue City Council’s approval of permits for PSE’s Energize Eastside. Read more here.

Nov 15, 2019
Bellevue Council rejects citizen appeals
Under the close scrutiny of PSE vice-president Andy Wappler, the Bellevue City Council unanimously rejected residents’ appeals against PSE’s Energize Eastside project on Thursday night, Nov 14th. Read more here.

Nov 4, 2019
Bellevue Reporter Article covering Appeal Hearing
Excellent article in the Bellevue Reporter covering the Energize Eastside Appeal Hearing and arguments made CENSE attorney, Rick Aramburu. Details here.

Public Hearings

In order to build Energize Eastside, PSE must get approval from Bellevue, Newcastle, and Renton. Each city must hold a public hearing to create the legal record for a decision. The outcome in any or all of the cities can be appealed to the courts. In Bellevue, the city council hears the appeal before it goes to court.

The Public Hearing on the south Bellevue segment was held March 28th to April 8th. After nearly three months of deliberation, the Hearing Examiner approved the project. Appeals filed by CENSE and four other appellants were heard by the Bellevue City Council on October 16th. The City Council subsequently dismissed all 5 appeals. CENSE is now appealing to the King County Superior Court. This hearing will begin May 2020. For all the details, see our Hearing Information Page.
Early in 2019, Newcastle hired Synapse, an industry consultant, to perform an independent evaluation of the need for Energize Eastside. The consultant was also asked to study the safety risks of installing large poles very close to 50-year-old petroleum pipelines located near downtown Newcastle and several residential neighborhoods. The results of the study were expected in March 2019, but PSE has withheld crucial information that prevents the consultant from reaching conclusions. The study was finally published in April 2020 after PSE reviewed and made redactions. Newcastle’s public hearing is not expected until mid 2020 at the earliest.
Renton’s public hearing was held in January 2020. Despite testimony from CENSE and the public, the hearing examiner approved the permits. For details, see the Renton hearing page.

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