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CENSE is the voice of the community for smart energy choices for the Eastside. We are volunteer-run and donor-funded, in our fifth year of meeting with city government and the WUTC to challenge the need for Energize Eastside. Click to learn more…

Energize Eastside is PSE’s project to build a massive transmission line through Eastside neighborhoods. It has been promoted with a campaign of half-truths and scare tactics. Click to learn more…

Renewable energy coupled with 21st century smart grid and storage technologies would provide better cleaner and more reliable electricity at a lower cost than PSE’s transmission line. Click to learn more…

What’s the Latest?

In August 2017, PSE unexpectedly split its permit application to build Energize Eastside into two segments. CENSE immediately challenged PSE, asking that it submit a supplemental environmental impact statement for the newly defined project. PSE ignored this request and filed applications in Bellevue, Newcastle, and Renton to build the southern segment.

Bellevue released its recommendation to approve PSE’s permit on January 24th. A tentative public hearing date of March 28th has been announced. CENSE will publish updates of the date and location here and through our emailed newsletter. Sign up here to receive breaking news alerts.

Newcastle recently retained Synapse, an industry consultant, to perform an independent evaluation of the need for Energize Eastside. The consultant will also study the safety risks of installing large poles very close to 50-year-old petroleum pipelines located near downtown Newcastle and several residential neighborhoods. The results of the study are expected by March. A recommendation by the city and a public hearing will follow.

PSE’s application to build Energize Eastside in Renton is on hold while a consultant evaluates the consistency of PSE’s permit application with the Environmental Impact Statement. A final report is expected in April. A recommendation by Renton and a public hearing will occur later.

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