Energize Eastside North Segment Update

Permits Issued – Construction to begin soon

Bellevue has approved the “Clearing and Grading” and “Right of Way” permits for the North Segment of the Energize Eastside transmission line. Activity related to this construction is expected to last through the summer and into fall. Construction details can be found on this PDF.

Property Owners in the construction zone may contact Wilson Construction’s Land Liaison concerning individual property construction details:

Advice for Homeowners along the North Segment

While CENSE has been engaged in the legal case with PSE, we unfortunately cannot provide assistance to individual homeowners. Therefore homeowners should advocate for themselves regarding plans for their properties. PSE will be looking for trees under the power lines that have the potential to grow close the wires, and will assess the need to remove them.

The first step is to read PSE’s easement agreement for your property. Check the width of PSE’s easement on your property. Most are in the range of 50 to 100 feet.

Questions you should ask PSE Representatives:

  • Where will the new poles be located?
  • How tall and wide will the poles on my property be?
  • Exactly how will the poles be installed?
  • When will the old poles be removed?
  • How will the ground cover/lawn be protected from damage?
  • Who will install the replacement landscaping?
  • Will a landscape plan be provided for approval?

We wish you good luck during the construction period, and hope you have an acceptable outcome.

Construction details

This document (PDF) contains information, contacts, hours of operation, and construction steps for the North Segment.