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Status Update 2/15/2020: Renton’s Hearing Examiner approved PSE’s application, CENSE has filed a Motion for Reconsideration. For more information, see:

The Public Hearing was held in Renton City Hall on Jan 8, 2020. The Hearing Examiner published his decision approving the permit on Feb 15th. CENSE filed a Motion for Reconsideration on Feb 28th. The City of Renton and PSE also filed Motions for Reconsideration.

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Thank You to all those who showed up for the hearing and submitted comments. The turnout for the hearing was impressive. The Hearing Examiner said he’s never seen such a turnout to a permit hearing!  Read complete details of the proceedings on the hearing report.

Supporting Documents

Energize Eastside in Renton

Written by CENSE members, this document gives a readable and understandable description of the many problems with Energize Eastside. Download the document (PDF, 2 MB)

The CENSE Legal Brief

This is the official hearing brief written by CENSE’s lawyer, Rick Aramburu. The entire brief is in a zip file contains the main brief and several attachments, all in PDF format. Download the Legal Brief (zip, 6.2MB)

The CENSE Legal Notebook

The CENSE legal notebook is a critical element in CENSE’s testimony. Since CENSE had only a short time to present its case, the notebook provides the Hearing Examiner with extensive detail to back up the oral testimony. The Hearing Examiner stated that he was impressed with the notebook and its excellent organization.

Countless hours by CENSE volunteers and expert witnesses went into writing, compiling, and printing the notebook.

To view the contents or download the entire notebook,  use one of these links:

Notebook as one big PDF file (PDF, 63MB)
Zip file containing individual chapter PDFs (zip, 61MB)

What was this hearing all about?

PSE must submit building permits in each city impacted by Energize Eastside. Each city holds a public hearing to review the application and its adherence to city building codes (e.g. Land Use Code). Each city appoints a Hearing Examiner (Administrative Law Judge) to conduct a hearing, listen to testimony, review the evidence, and issue a decision. Also the hearing will create the legal record for the project that will become the basis for subsequent appeals to city councils or the courts.

The Public Hearing held on January 8th was Renton’s hearing. Bellevue’s hearing was last year (details here). Additional hearings will take place in the other cities through which the transmission line passes.

The focus of this Hearing was for PSE to present its case for the Application. For that reason, by Hearing guidelines, CENSE was limited in the amount of time to orally present our side. Hence, the importance of the CENSE legal Notebook which is now part of the record.

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