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Energize Eastside Permit applications have been submitted by PSE, but its not too late to push for better solutions. For details about PSE’s permit application click here.

Must-See Video of the energy and transportation future. See how energy will be generated and distributed in the near future and why Energize Eastside is a dinosaur poised on the brink of extinction: Clean Disruption in Energy & Transportation (YouTube, 1 hr)

Energize Eastside: What isn’t PSE telling you?

“Energize Eastside” is PSE’s name for a proposed 230,000-volt transmission line that would run through densely populated neighborhoods in Redmond, Bellevue, Newcastle, and Renton. PSE claims they are simply upgrading old lines because of our growing population. They say if they don’t build it, our lights will go out.

With principal and interest payments, the project would cost customers more than a billion dollars over the lifetime of the project. Installation of huge steel monopoles (75-100 feet tall) close to the aging Olympic Pipeline would compromise safety. PSE says more than 6,000 trees would be limbed or removed to stay clear of the increased voltage.

After three years of research and findings by multiple industry experts, CENSE concludes that Energize Eastside is a project with no purpose other than increasing revenues for PSE’s Australian and Canadian owners. It is not necessary to serve growth (total electricity consumption has been declining for years). It will not improve reliability by any practical measure.

Read more in our document:
PSE’S “Energize Eastside” high voltage transmission line: WRONG for our communities.

“Most people don’t know that PSE is a 100% foreign owned, for-profit company – they’re looking out for their bottom line.”


“I am shocked at the misleading information PSE continues to publish about Energize Eastside.”


“PSE’s Energize Eastside would permanently degrade the beauty of the entire Eastside.”


“There are much smarter ways to provide reliable power to the Eastside than PSE’s Energize Eastside.”


“PSE will make $1.5 billion on this project, yet it won’t measurably improve reliability. How is this good for us?”


“We learned from the Bellingham incident that construction near pipelines carries significant risk.  Why would PSE would put us in that position?”


“PSE’s proposal is a big step in the wrong direction for our climate.”

CENSE (the Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy) is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that represents thousands of Eastside residents and business owners. We come from many backgrounds, but we all agree that PSE’s “Energize Eastside” is a fundamentally flawed project and that there are better solutions to our energy needs.

CENSE has hired legal and technical experts and is fully engaged in the city’s EIS process regarding this project. We work to counter the marketing, legal, and political might of PSE which often overwhelms the best intentions of city governments.

Please read our President’s Message to learn more about CENSE.

More than 130 US cities of comparable size to Bellevue use smart technologies and policies to improve reliability and preserve their communities and the environment. Some are using “demand response” programs to reduce peak consumption. Others use batteries to increase peak capacity. Seattle uses local sources to provide electricity and heat to nearby buildings, reducing the need for long-distance transmission.

Energize Eastside is bigger and more expensive than we need. Instead of investing in smart alternatives, PSE prefers old-school poles and wires that will increase annual revenues by millions of dollars for PSE’s Australian and Canadian owners.

Energize Eastside is a big project, running through the jurisdictions of four cities.  Each city must approve the project in accordance with their specific land use codes.  The first step in this process is a study of potential environmental impacts.  This is accomplished through a state-mandated Environmental Impact Study (EIS). The EIS is managed by the city of Bellevue and will conclude in the second quarter of 2017.


Recent press releases, CENSE publications, and news articles relevant to Energize Eastside and PSE:

Here’s where you’ll find many other valuable resources to fully educate yourself on this complex topic, including the Lauckhart-Schiffman load flow study, estimated lifetime cost of Energize Eastside, and a pipeline safety report from an internationally renowned pipeline expert.

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