Energize Eastside EIS and Permitting Process

Latest News!  PSE has applied for permits to build Energize Eastside. But its not too late to stop the project and push for a better solution to our energy needs. More information on our Energize Eastside Permit Documents page.

Energize Eastside Approval Process Overview

In order for PSE to build Energize Eastside, there are two processes which must be completed: The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and a Conditional Use Permit Application.

The EIS process began in April 2015. The Phase 1 Draft EIS phase was completed in 2015 and the Phase 2 Draft EIS was completed in July 2017 after a 2 month public review and commenting period.

PSE must also file an application to build the project (a Conditional Use Permit, or CUP) with each of the affected cities (Redmond, Bellevue, Newcastle, Renton). PSE filed permit applications for the north Bellevue sections and has not specified a date when they will apply for the additional permits.

Once PSE submits an application for a CUP, each city will appoint a Hearing Examiner (Administrative Law Judge) to review the evidence and conduct a hearing.  The hearing will create the legal record for the project that will become the basis for subsequent appeals to city councils or the courts.  In Newcastle, any appeal would go directly to Superior Court.  In the other cities, the city council would vote on an appeal.  After that, the decision could be appealed to the Superior Court.  Either side might appeal an adverse outcome to the Court of Appeals and eventually the State Supreme Court.

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