Appeals filed against Energize Eastside decision

Appeal hearing expected this fall

In our previous newsletter, CENSE reported that Bellevue’s Hearing Examiner had approved PSE’s permits to build Energize Eastside.

Yesterday, Bellevue received five appeals (see below) contesting findings of fact and conclusions from that decision.

CENSE identified 90 erroneous findings of fact and four questionable conclusions. CENSE objects to the Examiner’s reliance on “common sense” rather than clear facts and good analysis. PSE has not provided data that proves demand for electricity on the Eastside is growing. Neighboring utilities in Seattle, Tacoma, and Snohomish forecast flat or declining demand for the next couple of decades due to advancing technology and increased conservation efforts.

An appeal submitted by Citizens for Sane Eastside Energy identified procedural flaws in the hearing that may violate federal laws.

Several residents of Bellevue’s Bridle Trails neighborhood also filed appeals. North Bellevue residents were not notified of the public hearing, and they would be deprived of due process if the Examiner’s conclusions are applied to the north segment of the project without their participation.

The Bellevue City Council is expected to hold its appeal hearing in the fall, probably before council elections in November. We will share additional information when Bellevue chooses a date. Sign up for our newsletter to receive timely updates.

Appeals filed:

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