Bellevue Appeal, Renton Hearing Jan. 8

CENSE has appealed Bellevue’s decision to approve a 3.3 mile segment of Energize Eastside running through the Eastgate, Somerset, and Newport Hills neighborhoods in South Bellevue.

The appeal describes two problems with PSE’s application. First, the City did not require PSE to provide historical data showing that demand for electricity is actually increasing on the Eastside, as PSE predicted five years ago.

Second, PSE appears to have changed its plan. The company originally stated that reliability could be achieved only if power lines running between Renton and Redmond were significantly upgraded (double the voltage, higher poles, thicker wires, etc.) PSE now believes its reliability goals can be met by building only the southern half of the project. Why was the scope of the project reduced? PSE refuses to share studies demonstrating how the smaller project meets objectives. This lack of transparency impedes a fair evaluation of less expensive and less damaging alternatives.

King County Superior Court is expected to hear the case sometime before summer of 2020.

Renton Hearing

Renton will hold a public hearing on Energize Eastside at 5:00 pm on January 8, 2020 in the Council Chambers of Renton City Hall, 1055 South Grady Way. The public is invited to attend and provide oral or written testimony.

Newcastle Hearing

PSE is reviewing a study of the project by Newcastle’s independent consultant. A hearing will be scheduled after PSE clears the report and it can be shared with the public. The hearing probably won’t be held before February or March. Stay tuned!

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