CENSE Appeals King County Superior Court Decision

CENSE has appealed a recent decision by King County Superior Court upholding Bellevue’s approval of PSE’s Energize Eastside project. The judge failed to address CENSE’s request that PSE disclose data proving the project is needed. PSE incorrectly stated that such disclosures violate federal law.

Conflicting claims

PSE claims Energize Eastside is needed to serve increasing peak demand for electricity. However, abundant evidence from PSE and nearby utilities shows that such demand is not increasing in the Puget Sound region. In a different case, PSE told the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission that the company does not expect demand to increase for at least five years.

Based on the company's testimony, the Commission allowed PSE to postpone acquisition of cost-effective technologies that are used by many utilities to reduce spikes in demand. These technologies would lower costs for electricity, benefit the environment, and make destructive projects like Energize Eastside unnecessary.

CENSE will provide this evidence and much more at an upcoming public hearing in Newcastle (date to be determined). PSE cannot build the project without Newcastle's approval.

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CENSE relies on your financial support to continue opposing PSE in Newcastle and at the Washington State Court of Appeals. For each donated dollar, 98 cents goes directly to professional expert witnesses and legal defense of Eastside neighborhoods. We are convinced we can win on these compelling facts.

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