CENSE Appeals to Superior Court

Late last year, the City of Bellevue approved a land use permit that would allow PSE to build “Energize Eastside” – a major upgrade of transmission lines running through dozens of Eastside neighborhoods.

CENSE appealed the decision of the Hearing Examiner to the Bellevue City Council. The Council rejected the appeal in November 2019.

CENSE appealed to King County Superior Court. The preliminary hearing will be heard on May 22. A full hearing is scheduled for August.

Four legal briefs are available to view below. The first is our original appeal, prepared by CENSE attorney Rick Aramburu. PSE’s and Bellevue’s briefs follow, refuting CENSE claims. The final brief is CENSE’s closing rebuttal.

If you only have time to read one, we think the fourth brief is a clear and compelling statement of CENSE claims. The first page describes three significant issues with PSE’s project. We hope you find it as interesting as we do!

  1. CENSE original appeal
  2. PSE response
  3. City of Bellevue’s response
  4. CENSE rebuttal to PSE

9 copies of CENSE’s 500 page legal notebook for Supreme Court appeal.

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