Pushback in East Bellevue

On Tuesday evening (June 1, 2021), PSE updated members of the East Bellevue Community Council on the company’s plans to build Energize Eastside. PSE simply recycled the same arguments we’ve heard for the past seven years:

  1. “Look at these old photos! Isn’t it amazing how much the Eastside has grown?”
  2. “There will be more trees, not fewer.”
  3. “We’ve been operating next to the pipelines for 50 years – no accidents!”

PSE didn’t show any graph to demonstrate increasing demand for electricity. Or whether the project is needed in winter or summer. Or if new technologies like solar panels and batteries might provide a better future for the Eastside.

Following PSE’s presentation, 23 speakers testified in opposition to the project. Energize Eastside is old technology based on inaccurate and out-of-date forecasts. It would cost customers over ONE BILLION dollars during its lifetime.

PSE’s presentation ignored all these concerns.

As time grew late, council members voted to postpone the rest of the hearing until the council meets on July 6. At that time, councilors will discuss the project and ask questions. Another informational meeting is planned for the North Bellevue Segment next fall, and the land use hearing will be held after that. Stay tuned!

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