Bellevue Reporter Article about Appeal Hearing

Powerful arguments

The Bellevue Reporter published a substantive article covering the Energize Eastside Appeal Hearing before the Bellevue City Council. The article describes three arguments made by CENSE attorney, Rick Aramburu:

  1. PSE has not shared any data to verify that electricity demand on the Eastside is increasing. Most other utilities in the region are experiencing declining demand due to technology and conservation efforts.
  2. PSE now claims demand can be served by building only the southern half of the Energize Eastside project. However, PSE has not shown any studies to justify this decision.
  3. If peak demand requirements have diminished, then it is reasonable to reconsider alternatives that are less costly and less harmful to communities and the environment.

At the hearing, CENSE asked the council to remand the case back to the Hearing Examiner so these three points can be clarified. The council is expected to announce its decision before Thanksgiving.

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