Energize Eastside in Renton

Energize Eastside in Renton The document "Energize Eastside in Renton" focuses on the Renton perspective of PSE's Energize Eastside project. It addresses three main topics:Energize Eastside’s impacts on RentonAssumptions used to justify Energize EastsideWinners and losers created by the projectWritten by CENSE members, this document gives an clear and [...]

February 6th, 2020|

Renton Hearing Report

Renton Hearing Report A summary of the Energize Eastside public hearing held in Renton on Jan 8, 2020, By Don Marsh.Dozens of CENSE supporters wearing orange shirts attended the five-hour hearing in Renton, sitting politely together with dozens of business owners and civic organizations that PSE had recruited to [...]

January 10th, 2020|

Renton Hearing – Wednesday Jan 8, 2020

Renton Hearing - Wednesday Jan 8th Renton's land use hearing for Energize Eastside is on Wednesday, January 8, at 5:00 pm at Renton City Hall (details below). You can arrive after 5:00 if necessary.CENSE will present compelling information to show that PSE's project would increase safety risks in Renton [...]

January 5th, 2020|

Bellevue Appeal, Renton Hearing Jan. 8

Bellevue Appeal, Renton Hearing Jan. 8 CENSE has appealed Bellevue's decision to approve a 3.3 mile segment of Energize Eastside running through the Eastgate, Somerset, and Newport Hills neighborhoods in South Bellevue.The appeal describes two problems with PSE's application. First, the City did not require PSE to provide historical [...]

December 27th, 2019|

CENSE Interviewed by Seattle Times and KUOW

CENSE Interviewed by Seattle Times and KUOW CENSE President Don Marsh was interviewed by Seattle Times and KUOW Radio about the current status of permitting for Energize Eastside.The Seattle Times article was printed in the December 4th paper.The KUOW interview was broadcast on Dec 2nd. You can listen to the [...]

December 3rd, 2019|

CENSE Challenges PSE and City

CENSE challenges PSE and City's Decision Bellevue permit approval inspires strong responseThe CENSE Executive Board has authorized a vigorous, multi-track response to the Bellevue City Council's approval of a Land Use Permit for construction of PSE's Energize Eastside project.First, CENSE will appeal Bellevue's decision in King County Superior Court. [...]

November 21st, 2019|

bellevue council rejects citizen appeals

Bellevue Council rejects citizen appeals Under the close scrutiny of PSE vice-president Andy Wappler, the Bellevue City Council unanimously rejected residents' appeals against PSE's Energize Eastside project on Thursday night. After Mayor Chelminiak explained that the council must defer to the judgment of the Hearing Examiner, each council member [...]

November 15th, 2019|

Bellevue Reporter Article about Appeal Hearing

Bellevue Reporter Article about Appeal Hearing Powerful argumentsThe Bellevue Reporter published a substantive article covering the Energize Eastside Appeal Hearing before the Bellevue City Council. The article describes three arguments made by CENSE attorney, Rick Aramburu:PSE has not shared any data to verify that electricity demand on the Eastside [...]

November 4th, 2019|

Appeal Hearing Yields No Decision

Appeal Hearing: No Decision Bellevue City Council needs a month to decideThe Bellevue City Council heard testimony tonight from PSE and CENSE regarding the Hearing Examiner's decision in favor of permitting Energize Eastside.CENSE was one of five appellants to submit a legal complaint stating that PSE did not study [...]

October 16th, 2019|

Join us at Energize Eastside appeal on Oct. 16

Join us at Energize Eastside appeal, Oct. 16 Join us for a historic decisionOn Wednesday, October 16th, the Bellevue City Council will hear five appeals challenging an examiner's recommendation to approve the South Bellevue segment of PSE's Energize Eastside project. This is arguably the most consequential appeal the council [...]

October 16th, 2019|

Mayor Chelminiak Will Not Recuse Himself from Hearing

Bellevue Mayor Chelminiak will not recuse himself from the appeal hearing BIG NEWS - Bellevue Mayor Chelminiak just notified CENSE that he will not recuse himself from the appeal hearing. In his explanation, Chelminiak stated, "I have had no involvement in the decisions concerning the content or timing of [...]

October 15th, 2019|

CENSE requests recusal of Mayor

UPDATE: Bellevue Mayor Chelminiak refuses to recuse himself. Details here. CENSE requests recusal of MayorComplaint cites biasUPDATE 15 October: Bellevue Mayor Chelminiak refuses to recuse himself. Details here.The attorney for CENSE, Rick Aramburu, has requested Bellevue Mayor John Chelminiak to recuse himself from the Energize Eastside appeal hearing that [...]

October 11th, 2019|

PSE Cancels TAG Meeting set for Aug 2019

PSE Cancels TAG Meeting for August 2019 In January 2019, PSE scheduled a special meeting of its Technical Advisory Group to answer basic questions regarding the need for Energize Eastside. On July 23rd, PSE suddenly canceled the August 6th meeting. The company claimed it could not discuss Energize Eastside [...]

August 6th, 2019|

PSE Election Influence and TAG Meeting Cancellation

Election information, critical meeting canceled Energize Eastside questions are not answeredIn this news update...CENSE election recommendationsPSE cancels Energize Eastside meetingPSE tries to influence electionsCENSE election recommendationsMany people have asked if CENSE will endorse candidates for city council races in the August primary. Our volunteers have spent many hours preparing [...]

July 25th, 2019|

Appeals filed against Energize Eastside decision

Appeals filed against Energize Eastside decision Appeal hearing expected this fallIn our previous newsletter, CENSE reported that Bellevue's Hearing Examiner had approved PSE's permits to build Energize Eastside.Yesterday, Bellevue received five appeals (see below) contesting findings of fact and conclusions from that decision.CENSE identified 90 erroneous findings of fact [...]

July 10th, 2019|

Hearing Examiner Approves Energize Eastside South Bellevue Segment

Hearing Examiner issues ruling on 3.2 mile South Bellevue segment of Energize Eastside The fight is not over! Bellevue Hearing Examiner Gary McLean approved PSE's Conditional Land Use Permit Application for the South Bellevue segment of Energize Eastside on June 25, 2019.Hearing Examiner Decision DocumentsThe Decision (PDF, 1M)Conditions of [...]

June 28th, 2019|

Coalition seeks cooperation with PSE’s board

Coalition seeks cooperation with PSE's board See Update belowWashington Governor Jay Inslee recently signed the "Washington Clean Energy Transformation Act." This ground-breaking law requires PSE to cut greenhouse gas emissions and transform our energy grid to reduce harm to the environment.CENSE helped to lead a large coalition of neighborhood [...]

May 21st, 2019|

Energize Eastside Public Hearing Report

Energize Eastside Public Hearing Proceedings The Public Hearing was scheduled for 6 PM to 10 PM on Thursday, March 28th, 2019. Because of the many members of the public that wanted to speak, the hearing was continued into Friday. It ended up taking the entire day, from 10 AM [...]

March 31st, 2019|

CENSE Files Two Motions to Hearing Examiner

CENSE Files Two Motions to Hearing Examiner CENSE attorney Rick Aramburu filed two motions to the Hearing Examiner in advance of the Energize Eastside public hearing on March 28th 2019.The first motion is to compel PSE to release data that justifies the need for Energize Eastside (or so PSE [...]

February 27th, 2019|

Energize Eastside Public Hearing

Highlights:Mark your calendar: Energize Eastside public hearing March 28thCENSE is working on your behalf, filing motions and preparing for hearing300 Trees UpdateEnergize Eastside Public HearingMARK YOUR CALENDARMarch 28th • 6 pm • Bellevue City HallCENSE urges you to attend Bellevue's public hearing on Energize Eastside (other cities will hold [...]

February 26th, 2019|